We are
Need For Speed

The FTC robotics team from Lake Forest, Illinois

Who are we?

That’s a deep philosophical question which we’d love to know the answer to, but I’ll tell you about the team for now

We are among the top ranked teams in the world

We have one of the fastest ring shooters in FTC

Our robot schematics and code are publicly available

We endeavor to help our community

We actively aid teams on forums and message boards

Our logo represents the peregrine falcon, the fastest animal on earth

Meet The Team


Team Leader

Lead Programming

Aloha, I'm Daniel. I've been on Need For Speed for the past three years. I program the robot and this site, handle the social medias, outreach, and brainstorming.


Team Leader


Hi I'm Devin, and I have been on Need For Speed for three years. For the past two years I have served as team captain, managing logistics, as well as designing with CAD, building, and helping any department I can.


Team Leader

Lead Building

Hi, I am Ben. I enjoy building and continuously improving the robot. Improving my 3D printer skills in order to yield higher quality prints is something I enjoy doing in my spare time.


Team Leader

Lead Design

Hello, I'm Eric! I've been a part of Need for Speed for the last three years. While I do like to stick to working with CAD on a computer, I also do a lot of work on the actual robot, be it building, fixing, or even tuning code.



Hi, I'm Sydney, a freshman, and I'm learning to code. In the meantime I assist in a multitude of different areas including: recruiting, fundraising, and press releases.



Hello, my name is Evan Haussermann and I am a CAD designer for Need For Speed. As a CAD designer, I create 3D mockups of robot parts that will be used on the robot.


Lead Marketing

I work on finding sponsorships with companies, as well as sourcing raw materials for use with the robot.

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